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Take COMMAND of your

Use the Command® platform to screen yourself for a variety of mental health conditions, work-life stressors, burnout, resilience, relationship satisfaction and more.

Anonymous Self-Assessment

Quickly determine what mental health and wellbeing challenges you may have, if any. See how your screening results compare to the general population. Get help, if needed!

Validated Screeners-Do It Yourself (DIY)

Screen yourself using the same validated mental health and wellbeing screening tools used by the professionals. Immediately view your screening results and severity scores.


DIY Screeners & Assessments

Configure your own Mental Health and Wellbeing Checkup using the following validated screeners and assessments.

  • 15 mental/behavioral health conditions
  • Risky substance use/substance use disorder
  • Life satisfaction
  • Resilience
  • Job burnout
  • Relationship/marital satisfaction
  • Work-Life stressors
  • Financial stress
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • And more
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The value of self-screening

Get to know you better

Get your own personalized Wellbeing Report. See how your screening results compare to the general population. Find out what mental health and wellbeing challenges you may have, if any. Get help, if needed!

Look before you leap

BEFORE committing to counseling or coaching, use the Command® platform to find out if counseling or coaching is even indicated for your circumstances. Get recommendations for, and precise navigation to, the help-resources best suited to you, if needed

Clinical vs Sub-Clinical vs Generalized Stress

DIY screening tells you whether your challenges are clinical, sub-clinical, or garden variety work-life stress. This informs you as to whether therapy, coaching, or other self-help resources is right for you.

Avoid the pitfalls

Knowing more about your personal mental health and wellbeing, and about the various help-resources available, prevents you from going down expensive and ineffective treatment paths.

Better Informed / Better Outcomes

Better Informed / Better Outcomes

Command® users are:

  • Better informed about the details of their mental health and well-being
  • Know the difference between clinical vs sub-clinical findings
  • Know when therapy, coaching, or self-help resources is indicated
  • Know when medication may be beneficial
  • Recognize when ongoing therapy or coaching is effective/ineffective
  • Know when and how to avoid therapy and coaching rabbit holes
  • Know when to fire their therapist or coach
  • Experience better outcomes when they participate in counseling, coaching, or self-help programs
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Virtual Resources

Virtual Resources

After measuring your mental health and wellbeing levels, use the Command® platform's self-help tools to enhance your wellbeing. Tools include:

  • ChangeAgent (Goal setting tool)
  • Brief Intervention
  • MindSpa
  • Library
  • Therapy, Counseling, and Coaching Tips and Recommendations
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Total Anonymity / Zero Stigma

Total Anonymity / Zero Stigma

Your use of the Command® platform is completely anonymous and confidential. Even if the Command® platform were ever hacked, there is nothing that identifies you or your screening data.

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